Home Decorating Ideas: Basics of Living Room

Whether your dream home is a rambling suburban home or a luxury apartment, a lodge in the mountains or a cottage on the sea shore, your living room says a lot about you. Living room creates an enduring impression for your guests. Your living room welcomes all who enter your home. It says whether you prefer formal and elegant atmosphere or you are a laid-back and fun loving person. The decoration of the living room sets the mood for a home. Besides it reflects the personal taste of the home owner.

You can use your living room in a number of ways. For some people this is the place where the whole family gathers and exchanges talk over a cup of coffee while others prefer to use it as a formal space only to be used when the guests arrive. It also serves as a common room for watching TV, doing home work, playing cards, video games or online sweepstakes or a cozy place to enjoy a drink and curl up with a story book.

If your living room décor is very formal and you use this room only to entertain your guests then this room should display the finest possessions you have. A touch of traditional décor can make this room look beautiful. Place a sofa in the center of the room. Hang some classical paintings on the wall. The end tables topped by lamps will enhance the charm of your room. Don’t forget the carpet which can ad an extra dimension to your classy living room. Get some luxurious fabrics for formal window treatment. An occasional pair of wooden tables and chairs at one corner will give your living room the perfect look.

However these days it has become difficult for people to afford such an ideal living room. Don’t loose heart if you have smaller space. Various home decorating styles have evolved to suit your needs. You can choose decorating styles that are less formal. You can try mix and match. Combine lush fabrics with lighter window treatments to create a more casual atmosphere. Instead of heavy wooden furniture you can select comfortable and stylish furniture. Add splash of color on the walls. Softer lines and fewer rules will help to set up a pleasant and relaxing ambience.

Casual living rooms have a character of nonchalance. Stylish wrought iron or steel or leather furniture are combined with fashionable velvet or satin fabrics. However while decorating a living room people are governed by practicality. Since they can’t afford enough spare space in the living room, furniture should be chosen and placed in a manner to make the room look bigger and spacious.

Modern living rooms are less structured. A center table is needed for eating. Sofa or chairs should be placed in a manner so that your family members or guests can seat around the TV. You can also place an arm chair at one corner of the room where one can enjoy reading books.

Whatever purpose your living room serves it should exhibit your style. The furniture, fabric, color everything should be what you love. Whether the room looks classy or casual home decorating is all about reflecting the home owners taste.

Source by Daniel Brown